Returned Servicemen

This section will provide some details of the men and women who returned home from the Great War. [under construction] Click on the name and hopefully you find some details.

APPLEBY Arthur Wilson MC 1889-1976 Cockfield

BARNES William Ernest 1898-1953 Evenwood

BLENKINSOP J. c.1891-1956 [Evenwood]

BOUSFIELD E. 1898 – 1973 [Woodland]

BOWSER Richard 1894 – 1967 [West Auckland]

BRITTON Frederick Maxwell 1893 – 1977 [Evenwood & Cockfield]

CAMPBELL Dr A. [Evenwood]

COLLIS Rev. G.J. 1871-1918 [Evenwood]

COOK Arthur 1887-1969 [Cockfield]

EMMERSON W. c.1890-1969 [Evenwood]

MASON Matthew 1895-1957 [Evenwood]

MONK S. 1881 – 1976 [West Auckland]

NUTTER J.H. 1888-1956 [Evenwood & Cockfield]

RICHARDSON Constance 1896 – 1994 [Tindale Crescent]

SIMPSON John Luther 1893-1968 [Evenwood]

SMILES Thomas 1893 – 1975 [Barnard Castle & Evenwood]

STEEL F. 1899 -1970 [Evenwood]

WALTON John William 1886 – 1966 [Evenwood]

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