WW1: Evenwood at War


This section will provide details of the part the village of Evenwood played in the Great War.  The yearly text is taken from “Evenwood’s Heyday: a colliery village, 1896-1918” written by Elsie Anderson, May Birch, Kathleen MacMillan, Kathryn & Kevin Richardson and John Smith.  The prime sources for this work were the Evenwood Parish Magazine and local newspapers, usually the “Auckland and County Chronicle” and the “Northern Echo.”  Subsequent research has found that some reports, which would have been published relying on information presented at the time, were overtaken by events and occasionally statements have been proven to be incorrect.

Added details are from “Evenwood Remembers” 2010 Kevin Richardson.

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The Zeppelin Raid 5 April 1916



The Final Toll

Absent Voters List 1918

The Roll

Those Left Behind

Home Addresses

The Oaks

Evenwood National School A.F.C. 1910-1911


The Hero Fund

Peace Celebrations

Beyond 1919

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