The toll relates to all the villages in the Gaunless Valley – St. Helen’s, West Auckland, Etherley, Evenwood, Cockfield, Butterknowle, Copley and Woodland in chronological order.  It will take the form of tables for:

It will name the serviceman, give his unit, date of death and local war memorial.  Click on the particular year(s) of interest above to find details.  The initials to the right hand side of the table indicates on which war memorial(s) he appears:

  • SH: St. Helen’s Colliery Memorial Cotages
  • WA: West Auckland
  • SA: St. Andrew’s, South Church
  • EW: Evenwood
  • EY: Etherley
  • CF: Cockfield
  • BK: Butterknowle
  • CY: Copley
  • WL: Woodland

To date 234 men have been researched:

  • 1914:3
  • 1915: 23
  • 1916: 57
  • 1917: 63
  • 1918: 82
  • 1919-21: 6

TOTAL: 234

There are still 8 men not positively identified.  They are:

  • CLARK J. Etherley
  • HARVEY George Cockfield
  • APPLEBY Leonard, Butterknowle
  • BARCLAY John, West Auckland
  • BOLTON John, West Auckland
  • LOCKEY Edward, West Auckland
  • THOMAS Robert Henry, West Auckland
  • SMITH Thomas, West Auckland IF there were 2

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