“The Gaunless Valley in the Great War” FILM UPDATE

The Evenwood, Ramshaw and District History Society has been awarded Heritage Lottery  grant aid to produce a film on the effect of World War 1 on the communities of the Gaunless Valley – St. Helens, West Auckland, Etherley/Toft Hill, Evenwood, Cockfield, Butterknowle, Copley, Woodland and including the smaller places like Morley, Esperley Lane, High and Low Lands.  This post will provide updates of our progress.


6 July 2017: Confirmation to start the project

25 July 2017: appointment of Crackin Toast Media to produce the film

31 October 2018: Grant Expiry Date


5 May 2018: Script finished and voice overs completed.  Now in the hands of Chris & Rosie to produce the film.


27 September: St. Paul’s Parish Hall, Evenwood 7.00pm:  Film Launch

18 October; Etherley Methodist Church 7.00pm: Showing & display

11 November: West Auckland Memorial Hall 2.00pm: Showing & display

15 November: Evenwood C. of E. Primary School: 5.30pm: Showing & display

If anyone would like to get involved then please contact me, Kevin Richardson at knrichardson53@gmail.com

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