Other Servicemen Researched

Various servicemen have been researched and their stories are published here.  It is a miscellaneous list where research has been undertaken for personal interest, where the soldier was born or lived in the Gaunless Valley.  They are listed below in alphabetical order.  Click on a name.  UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Aubin J.F.G. (Captain) St. Andrew’s Church, South Church & Barnard Castle School

Arnison A. St. Mary’s Church, Staindrop

Bayles R. Born West Auckland, no local memorial yet found

Best H. St. John’s Church, Ingleton

Brown A. St. Mary’s Church, Staindrop

Casey M. No Local Memorial found to date

Coatsworth W. St. Andrew’s Church War Memorial, Bishop Auckland

Cant J.T. Kirk Merrington War Memorial

Coates J. Howden-le-Wear War Memorial

Cooke E.E.J. Pickering War Memorial, North Yorkshire

Dinsdale W. St. Andrew’s Church War Memorial

Eden J. Kirk Merrington

Eden W.N. Kirk Merrington

Frankton John Bernard Staindrop War Memorial

Griffiths E. Eldon War Memorial

Hindmarch T.J. St. Andrew’s Church, Bishop Auckland

Hirst F. Hamsteels

Howson G.A. Fieldon Bridge, Tindale Crescent

Lennard John Lands

Lennox H.G. Australian War Memorial

MacNamara Edward Lands

Marshall J. No local memorial has yet been traced

Marquis F.W. Hamsterley

Marquis J.J. Hamsterley

Mattimoe F. Middlesbrough

Mawson R. Iveston

Milburn J.T. Shildon War Memorial

Monk H. Australian War Memorial [born West Auckland]

Neal George Edwin St. Andrew’s, South Church

Oates A. Hamsterley War Memorial

Oates J.J. Normanton, Yorkshire

Parker J. Witton Park

Parkin Nathan originally from Copley, Easington Colliery War Memorial

Pinkney J.H. Stanley [Mt. Pleasant] War Memorial

Robinson E. Shildon War Memorial

Robinson H.W.L. Burnopfield War Memorial

Saltmarsh F. St. Mary’s Church, Staindrop

Saltmarsh T. St. Mary’s Church Staindrop

Stobart J.G. Fir Tree War Memorial

Smith W. No local memorial has yet been traced

Tyman H.R. St. Andrew’s Church, Stanley

Walker F. Eldon War Memorial

Wardle J.A. Chilton War Memorial

Watson S. Village Hall, Newbiggin in Teesdale

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