Woodland War Memorials

There have been 4 memorials:

  1. St. Mary’s Church: The memorial plaque commemorates John Hepple.
  2. Woodland Reading Rooms: The memorial plaque commemorates T.W. Morton; E. Hebdon and T. Newton.  To date this memorial has not been traced.
  3. John the Evangelist Church, Grewburn Lane, Lynesack: The memorial plaque commemorates 39 men of Lynesack and Woodland who were killed. The Parish Church memorial includes men from the 3 villages of Butterknowle, Copley and Woodland.
  4. Woodland War Memorial: 17ft. high stone memorial mounted on an 8ft.6”square base commemorates the 63 men from the village who served in the Great War and particularly the 8 men who made the ultimate sacrifice. It is located to the north of the road leading through the village, B6282.
ANDERSON R. 1/Black Watch 13.10.1915 Loos Memorial
GILL J.W. 7/East Yorks 3.12.1918 Hamsterley
HEPPLE J 9/Yorks. 5.10.1918 Tincourt BC
LOWES E.V. 3/Dorsetshire 12.06.1915 Lynesack
MORTON T.W. 2/DLI 24.10.1918 Vadencourt BC
NEWTON T. 15/DLI 21.03.1918 Pozieres Memorial
STEPHENSON P.C. 58/Labour Coy 28.03.1918 Duhallow ADS C
STEPHENSON T.W. 15/DLI 31.05.1918 Sissonne BC





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