Butterknowle War Memorials

There are 4 memorials.

Butterknowle Village Hall possesses 2 memorials which have been relocated there.  They are:

  1. Butterknowle Methodist Church memorial which commemorates:
  • Fred Atkinson
  • John George Gargett
  1. Southside Primitive Methodist Chapel memorial which commemorates:
  • Richard C. Yole
  • George B. Hodgson

The 2 others are:

  1. John the Evangelist Church, Grewburn Lane, Lynesack:
  • The memorial plaque commemorates 39 men of Lynesack and Woodland who were killed. The Parish Church memorial includes men from the 3 villages of Butterknowle, Copley and Woodland.
  1. Butterknowle War Memorial:
  • The obelisk is located to the north of Pinfold Lane, the main street running through the village and commemorates 23 men. They are:
ATKINSON F. 10/Yorks 4.10.1917 Tyne Cot Memorial
APPLEBY L.      
ALDERSON T.W. 19/DLI 1.10.1918 Perth (China Wall)
BELL J.J. 2/Yorks 29.10.1914 Menin Gate Memorial
BENNETT J.A. 16/Gordons 25.09.1915 Halluin CC
BROWN C. 9/Highland 20.05.1917 Arras Memorial
CLARK T.C. 8/East Yorks 3.05.1917 Arras Memorial
DENT G.N. 1/Grenadier Gds 27.09.1918 Sanders Keep MC
GARGETT J.G. 2/DLI 16.09.1916 Thiepval Memorial
GOWLAND T. 6/DLI 13.04.1916 Ridge Wood MC
HEBDON E.W. 1/7N’land Fus. 26.10.1917 Tyne Cot Memorial
HODGSON G.B. 11/RMLI 20.05.1917 Point-du-Jour MC
HODGSON R. 2/Lancs. Fus. 28.03.1918 Arras Memorial
JACKSON J.P. 151/MGC 23.04.1917 Wancourt BC
LOWTHER C.E. 1/6 DLI 1.10.1916 Thiepval Memorial
LOWTHER W. 5/Yorks 27.05.1918 Soissons Memorial
PRIESTLEY J. 2/AFA 7.02.1917 Martinpuich BC
READMAN H. RND 6.06.1915 Helles Memorial
ROBINSON B. 9/Yorks 4.10.1916 Becourt MC
SEWELL M.A. 15/DLI 1.07.1916 Thiepval Memorial
SPENCE J.W. 2/DLI 1.12.1917 Ribecourt
THOMPSON F. 15/DLI 25.09.1915 Loos Memorial
YOLE R.C. Royal Marines 10.12.1915 Lancashire Landing

Appleby L. (Leonard) has been identified as a resident but to date his military service record and Commonwealth War Grave Commission details have not been traced.

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