There are 2 memorials in Etherley which cover Low Etherley, High Etherley, Toft Hill and some of the surrounding hamlets such as Morley and Windmill which are within the adjoing Parish of Evenwood & Barony.

They are:

  1. The War Memorial, St. Cuthbert’s Churchyard
  2. The Roll of Honour, St. Cuthbert’s Church

The memorials commemorate the men in alphabetic order but the following lists them chronologically by their date of death.

CAILE J.A. 21.10.1914 3/Coldstream Guards Menin Gate Memorial
MILLION W. 09.08.1915 2/DLI Menin Gate Memorial
RICHARDS J.C. 16.09.1915 44/RGA Pembroke Dock M.C.
CLARKE  J.  27.03.1918  1/6 DLI  Namps-Au-Val British Cemetery
CRADDOCK A. 29.02.1916 6/DLI Perth China Wall
GASKIN F. 01.07.1916 7/Yorks Fricourt B.C.
ALDERSON T.A. 16.09.1916 10/DLI Thiepval Memorial
TAZEY F. 16.09.1916 15/DLI Thiepval Memorial
WILSON R.W. 03.10.1916 6/Yorks Evenwood
BRUNSKILL F. 05.11.1916 6/DLI Warlencourt
FEATHERSTONE J.R. 28.02.1917 10/DLI Etaples M.C.
FEATHERSTONE W. 01.03.1917 15/DLI Gommecourt B.C.
GREAVISON W. 14.04.1917 1/6 DLI Arras Memorial
HOBSON G. 23.04.1917 14/DLI Bethune Town Cemetery
HODGSON G.B. 20.05.1917 1/RMLI Point-du-Jour M.C. Athies-les-Arras
HALL H.R. 26.07.1917 20/DLI Menin Gate Memorial
HARDY A. 04.10.1917 13/NF Tyne Cot Memorial
HARRISON J.C. 04.01.1918 11/DLI Heudicourt C.C.
BAINBRIDGE J. 23.03.1918 11/DLI Pozieres Memorial
WILLIAMS J. 17.04.1918 1/5 North Staffs Ploegsteert Memorial
BAISTER D. 27.05.1918 5/DLI Soissons Memorial
RUSHFORD O. 30.05.1918 6/DLI Soissons Memorial
MOSES W.A. 08.06.1918 7/East Yorks Hawthorn Ridge Cemetery No.1
REED T.G. 28.07.1918 19/DLI Tyne Cot Memorial
SAMS A. 06.09.1918 8/Royal Irish Le Grand Beaumart BC Steenwerck
HODGSON J.A. 19.11.1918 ASC Terlincthun B.C. Wimille

Details of 30238 Lance Corporal John Clarke 1/6 DLI died of wounds 27 March 1918 has been added 23 August 2017.  John Clarke lived in Etherley prior to being married in 1915 when he moved to Roddymoor.  Some sources record his name as CLARK but I believe it to spelt CLARKE.

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