There Memorials are at 2 locations in St. Helen’s Auckland.  They are:

St. Helen’s Church;

The memorials are:

1] 2 Stained glass windows

The memorial windows are to the memory of those parishioners who fell in the war.

2] Memorials to John & William Nicholas Eden

They were the sons of Sir William Eden

The St. Helen’s Colliery Memorial Cottages; 2 Memorial plaques

The Memorial Cottages are located at Maude Terrace, St. Helen’s Auckland to the north of the main road, the A688 leading from Bishop to West Auckland and to the immediate west of the former Cooperative Society block of buildings (now in various commercial uses).  They consist of 2 blocks of 2 semi-detached single storey cottages.

Those commemorated are:

Davison GW 13.03.15 2/CG Le Touret Memorial
Martin J 26.05.15 2/NF Menin Gate
Lane R 06.06.15 15/DLI WA
McQuire J 14.07.15 9/DLI Menin Gate
Bagley R 07.08.15 6/YR Helles Memorial
Wilson FL 16.08.15 9/EYR Longuenesse
Robinson J 07.10.15 14/DLI Etaple
Fairhurst T 19.10.15 6/DLI Cabaret-Rouge
Tate RW 14.03.16 27/NF Brewery Orchard Bois Grenier
Goldsbrough T 01.07.16 15/DLI Thiepval
Eales W 08.07.16 2/YR Thiepval
Hodgson JE 20.07.16 8/EYR Abbeville
Neal T 22.07.16 8/EYR Mericourt-L’Abbe
Dunn TW 17.09.16 6/DLI Thiepval
Pratt T 18.09.16 14/DLI Thiepval
Baker W.
Hebden T 05.11.16 6/DLI Warlencourt
Bird JR 30.01.17 RE WA
Mason E 10.04 16 15/DLI Cojeul
Hutchfield W 14.04.17 2/WYR Brown’s Copse
Simpson A. 14.04.17 1/6 DLI Arras Memorial
Shepherd WH 28.04.17 27/NF Fampoux BC
Hedley F 13.05.17 7/YR Neuville-St.Vaast
Radcliffe W 20.06.17 191/MGC Spoilbank
Bagley WH 04.07.17 RE New Irish Farm
Blenkin W 19.10.17 12/DLI Tyne Cot
Judge G 18.12.17 6/KOYLI Tyne Cot
Baines S 12.04.18 15/17WYR Ploegsteert
Vickers TH 16.04.18 2/4 KOYLI Bienvillers
Oates J 08.05.18 2/YR Tyne Cot
Weatherald WN 09.08.18 RAMC Tyne Cot
Lowson CH 15.08.18 7/Lincs Daours
Bowron J.W. 10.09.18 1/EYR Gouzecourt NBC
Dobbin H. 27.09.18 1/5 London Chapel Corner  Cemetery Sauchy-Lestre
Little P. 27.05.18 15/DLI Soissons Memorial
Smart R.W. 17.10.18 6/DLI Niederzwehren
Rewcastle G. 01.11.18 1/6/WRR Maing CCExt

This list is in chronological order of their deaths but the memorial plaques record their names by regiment.

McQuire J. who was recorded as serving with the Northumberland Fusiliers has not been identified.  He may be 2587 Private Joseph McGuire 1/9th Battalion, Durham Light Infantry who was killed in action 14 July 1915 and is commemorated on the Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial, Belgium.  Further research is required to confirm the identity of this servicemen.

Many of the men who worked at St. Helens colliery lived at Tindale Crescent and Fieldon Bridge.  St. Luke’s church served these communities and 7 of the above men are commemorated on a memorial plaque formerly housed in the church which was demolished many years ago.  The plaque is now in St. Andrew’s church, Bishop Auckland.

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