August 1918


1 Tuesday to 5 Monday

No entries

6 Tuesday

First day up out of bed then it was only for 1½ hours as I could not stick it any more.

7 Wednesday

Got the dentist this morning to get a tooth filled.  It was murder so he put something in to kill the nerve and told me to go again Friday

8 Thursday

Had a walk out this afternoon to the golf links and the cliffs.  It was glorious and fine.

9 Friday

Asked the doctor to mark me out tomorrow as I am fed up with this.  Again at the dentist and got my tooth finished.  It was done in a few minutes.

10 Saturday

Drew my uniform and returned all hospital clothing.  Left about 4.15pm with ambulance car and reported at my unit 5pm.  I am still feeling a bit groggy.  Saw a funeral at 2pm of a Cpl of the RMLC leave the hospital and infantry firing party.

11 Sunday

Took it easy all day and had a ride out after tea to Dieppe via Neuville and back via Pays.  It was a glorious night and I enjoyed the ride.  Turned in at 10.30pm.

12 Monday

Took exercise ride through Arques Forest passed three times through fords which the horses seemed to enjoy.  At night had a ride with the SM again through the forest and returned via St. Nocolas, Bois d’Archilles and down through the forest to Martin Eglise, got back at 10pm.

13 Tuesday

Orderly Sergt today so I am spending the whole day in camp but will have another ride tonight if possible.  Not out tonight as we started to build ourselves a small hut as a mess instead of the canvas erection that we have.

14 Wednesday

Busy the whole of my spare time with the mess.  I was never out of the field the whole day except to the water troughs.

15 Thursday

There is only two of us now for Orderly Sergt. And exercise ride.  I am Orderly Sgt again today.  Got the remainder of the roof on the mess tonight.

16 Friday

Took exercise ride out this morning.  Three men going on leave today brings me down to fourth on the list so expect to be away in a day ot two if I am lucky.  Busy tonight with our mess.

17 Saturday

Orderly Sergt. again today.  Making final preparations for Divl. Show at Dieppe.  I have OG charger and LD in for jumping also LD in for half section jumping with another LD from No.4 Cable wagon went off to show ground tonight.

18 Sunday

Dinner at 11.30 then I went mounted with SM + CGMS to the show at 12.45pm.  Saw the officers jump.  There was a large number of entries but they were painful to watch.  Our cable wagon got nothing.  We got first in half sect. jumping and second with my LD for the single jump.  OG was nowhere.  We rode back via Arques arriving camp about 6pm.  The weather kept fine but windy although it rained during the night.

19 Monday

Out with exercise and the usual stables all day.  Had a ride at night with SM to St. Nicholas and back via Bellingeville and Ancourt arriving about 10pm.

20 Tuesday

There is —–NCOs so I am Orderly Segt. today.  Busy with our mess during the afternoon and tonight got into mess for supper.

21 Wednesday

Up CQM stores and got myself some new togs to fix up ready for leave.  The SM is ill today so I am carrying on in his place.  Six of us had a ride to Pays and had a bathe in the sea after tea.  Very hot all day.

22 Thursday

Took orderly room this morning SM he is not quite better yet.  Weather is very hot.  Went down on motor lorry along with the rest of the boys and had a bath at Pays.

23 Friday

Usual work again today.  Took the exercise ride.  Weather wild and very dusty, much cooler.

24 Saturday & 25 Sunday

No entries

26 Monday

The usual daily routine and making preparations for home.  Left camp about 3pm on horses back for Arques station where I drew some money.  Train left at 5.30 for Serques where we had to change and went until about 10 for the leave train.

27 Tuesday

Arrived Boulogne about 5am.  It was painful riding down as they were the usual straight back French carriages.  Got a clean up and a feed into the billets then to boat which left at 11.30.  We got part of the way and our boat was turned back for some reason.  We went to the billets and got off on another boat about 5pm.  Got straight across arriving Victoria about 10.30pm and no train north until 4.55am so spent my time in the YMCA and on the train sleeping.

28 Wednesday

I arrived at Durham 30 mins late and got home about 3pm on my second days leave.  A fine start.

29 Thursday to 31 Saturday

No entries