Initially, a “last in, first out” policy for demobilization was adopted with the aim being to ensure the rapid return of “key workers” – those who had been conscripted towards the end of the war because the acute shortage of able-bodied men was so critical that even key workers were urgently needed.  This provoked fury amongst long serving soldiers.  Perhaps anticipating unrest, ex-policemen were the first to be demobilized then farm workers then the miners.  Being a pit village, it is assumed that the men from Evenwood were among the first to be demobilized. Unfortunately, the Evenwood Parish Magazine was not published between September 1918 and March 1919.  The following provides some information of those demobilized:

April 1919

Men not employed at the Mines who have been demobilized:

  • Pte. L. Maughan DLI
  • Sgl. J.G. Handley DLI
  • Pte F. Prudhoe
  • L/C H. Foster RGA
  • Pte J. Clarke DLI
  • Sergt. Nutter
  • 2nd Lieut. P.M. Layton
  • Maughan Roxborough DLI
  • Pte. J. G. Robinson DLI
  • Corpl. J. Lackey RFA
  • Pte. T. Dowson RFA
  • Pte. N. Dowson DLI (returned POW)
  • Sergt. J. Smith RFC
  • Pte. Thos. Firby DLI
  • Pte. Jos. Smith DLI
  • Pte. R. Robinson RGA
  • Cadet R. Sunter who has taken up his duties again as a Wesleyan Minister in the south
  • 17 in total

On leave:

  • Pte. Fred Steel Air-M

May 1919


  • Sergt. R. Simpson DLI Egyptia E Force
  • Sergt. W. Dent RAMC
  • Sergt. H. Mathews Military Transport
  • Cpl. F. Neasham MM Dragoon Guards
  • Pte. Wade Emereson ASC
  • Pte. G. Stonebamks DLI
  • Pte C. Jopling RE
  • 7 in total

On leave:

  • Cpl. A. Morland RAF
  • Pte. F. Prudhoe DLI
  • Pte. J. Robinson DLI
  • S. Alderson DLI
  • Pte. T. Clarke RAMC
  • Pte A. Daniels ASC
  • Capt. Campbell MC RAMC
  • Lieut. H. Hobson
  • 2nd Lieut. J. Sunter
  • Pte A. Blenkinsop
  • Asst. Paymaster W. Turnbull RN
  • G. Wright Mercantile Mariners

On hospital leave:

  • Signaller Aarol Howe D.L.I from hospital and recovering
  • Pte J. Hull DLI from hospital and recovering
  • Pte. W. Bowman ASC from hospital and recovering

 June 1919


  • Dr. Campbell home after his 4 years War Service and to hear of the great honour he received in being invested with the Military Cross by His Majesty King George.
  • Signaller H. Howe (after recovering from wounds)
  • Pte. W. Barnes
  • Pte. Jos. Priestley HLI
  • Pte. T. Garrett RE
  • Pte. Watson Welsh DLI
  • 6 in total

On Leave:

  • Cpl. N. Dunn DLI
  • Cpl. W. Bowman ASC (recovering from wounds)
  • Pte. J. Friend ASC
  • Pte. W. Cook DLI

July 1919


  • Ass Paymaster W. Turnbull RN
  • Cpl. J. Friend ASC
  • Cpl. F. Dunn MM DLI
  • Cpl. W. Garrett DLI
  • Pte. J. Lowson ASC
  • Pte. Watson Welsh RGA
  • Pte. T. Firby DLI
  • 7 in total

On leave:

  • Cpl. T. Gibson North Staffs
  • Pte F. Bussey DLI
  • Pte. G. Clennell DLI
  • Pte. J.M. Wilkinson DLI
  • Pte. J. Shaw DLI
  • Pte A. Nicholson DLI

Hospital leave:

  • J.W. Horden home for a week from Manchester Hospital

 In hospital

  • Pte C. Jobling CSG
  • F. Robinson returned to hospital suffering from old wounds
  • T. H. Rutter ditto
  • J. Hull ditto

Army of Occupation:

  • Pte J. Cree
  • Pte. C. Davis

September 1919


  • Lieut. H.B. Hobson
  • Signaller J. Richmond
  • Pte. H. Hull
  • Pte F. Robinson
  • Pte. D. Shipp
  • Pte A. Elders RND
  • Pte B. Arkless
  • W. Kipling RN
  • 8 in total

On leave:

  • Pte. A. Wilkinson
  • Pte. H. Horseman
  • Pte. J.W. Hordon
  • Pte. G. Towers
  • Pte. W. Watson
  • Pte G. Raine
  • Pte Joe Roe

Hospital leave

  • N. Dunn
  • W. Bowman

In hospital

  • Cpl. C. Jobling
  • G. Featherstone – returned for further treatment

October 1919


  • Sergt. W. Rutter RGA
  • Cpl. T. Gibson E. Staffs LI
  • Sig.Cpl. W. Cook DLI
  • Pte. H. Horsman HLI
  • Pte Walter Bowman ASC
  • L/C N. Dunn DLI
  • Pte. M. Wilkinson DLI
  • Pte G. Clennell DLI
  • Pte. W. Watson DLI
  • Pte Jos. Dixon DLI
  • 10 in total

On leave:

  • Pte Geo. Flowers

December 1919


  • Sergt. W. Rutter RGA
  • Cpl. Thomas Gibson North Staffs LI
  • Cpl H. Horseman HLI
  • Pte. G. Raine ASC
  • Pte. A. Wilkinson DLI
  • Pte A. Nicholson DLI
  • Pte J. Bussey DLI
  • Pte J.W. Hordon DLI
  • Pte J. Shaw DLI
  • Pte Joseph Dixon DLI
  • Pte J. Bland HLI
  • Bombardier W. Cook DLI
  • 9 in total (3 repeated, mentioned in October)

Still in the Army:

  • Lieut. P. Brass RAF
  • Lieut. J. Sunter DLI
  • Pte. W. Garthwaite DLI .
  • Pte. S. Hutchinson DLI
  • Pte. J. Cree DLI
  • Pte. C. Davis DLI.
  • Pte. S. Allen DLI
  • Pte. J. Hull Wearmouth DLI
  • Pte. G. Towers DLI
  • Pte. N. Dunn DLI
  • Pte. G. Rawe ASC
  • Pte. R. Priestley RGA

The Parish Magazine reported that between April and November 1919, 64 servicemen had been demobilised and there were still 12 men in the Army.  Two men definitely in the Army of Occupation were Pte J. Cree and Pte. C. Davis.