February 1917


1 Thursday

No entry

2 Friday

Stable work and washing wagons for an inspection on the 6th inst.

3 Saturday

1pm had a trip to our new HQ at Proyart with stores for an airline.  We are taking over this portion of the like from a French Div.  It was bitter cold and I was like ice the whole journey.

4 Sunday

Usual stable work.  Nothing else to mention.

5 Monday 

Stable work, harness cleaning and oiling wagons for inspection tomorrow.

6 Tuesday

Paraded and moved off at 11.25am with two cable detachments and marched through Ribemont and Bairyeux, Franvillers, back by Amiens-Albert road arriving stables at 2.45pm.

7 Wednesday

Left at 9.15am with four wagons of stores for Merricourt-sur-Somme.  Arrived there without incident at 12.45pm.  Unloaded watered and fed horses then had something to eat, leaving at 2.24pm for home.  My horse cast a shoe about 3mls from the billets.  I had to walk the rest.  We got back at 5.30pm.

8 Thursday   

No entry

9 Friday

Usual stables all day.  6pm I got orders to proceed with two cable dethts[1] at 10 o’clock next day, to Proyart started to thaw.

10 Saturday

Got all parked and moved off 10am.  Lt. Dawson i/c.  We went via Buire, Treux, Morlancourt where the officer lost his way.  We went through Failles Wood and Bray Wood and one time we were 4km from Albert.  We got to Proyard at 5.30pm instead of 2pm.  Horses were done for the want of water and feeding.  We got fixed up and sat down to tea at 6.30.  Enemy planes dropped 36 bombs during night.

11 Sunday

I was busy all day carting stores up from DADOS at La Flaque.  Enemy again dropped bombs during night, a dozen this time.

12 Monday

Usual stable duties nothing special today.  Had a feed of home fed bacon for tea.

13 Tuesday

Remainder of Div. HQ came up today.  Still thawing.  SM at Div. HQ so I am left i/c of horse lines.

14 Wednesday & 15 Thursday

No entries

16 Friday

Usual stable duties and cleaning rubbish up, left by the French.  One of our horses died today from inflammation.

17 Saturday to 21 Wednesday

No entries

22 Thursday

Nothing but rain these last few days.  Raining heavy today.

23 Friday

Found a better billet for men and horses so will be moving as early as possible

24 Saturday

Got our new billet and stables cleaned and dis-infected today.  Moving in tomorrow.

25 Sunday

Moved into new place today.  Only had one wagon to cart all stuff around as the others were taking the other stuff up the line.  Got all over and settled down by mid-day.

26 Monday to 28 Wednesday

No entries


[1] Dethts=what does this mean?