February 1918


1 Friday

Weekly tests today.  As a rule I have quite a good time of it on Friday and today was no exception.  Had a walk out tonight the first time since Monday.  Weather still fine but cold.

2 Saturday

Did a little erecting a permanent line this morning.  Arranged a football match for this afternoon.  Came across a Poilu[1] on leave from Italy so I wrote a letter to my brother[2] and got him to take it and post it in Italy.  He goes back tomorrow.

3 Sunday

No church parade today, just the usual weekly hut inspection by Camp Cmdt.  All 7th NF and 5th Borders to rejoin their units tomorrow.  I learn that is only 3 Batts per Bde 5th DLI are now in the 151 Bde.[3]

4 Monday

13 NCOs and men of 7th NF and 5th Borders left this morning at 6.30am.  They had to report to the RTO, St. Omer at 9.30am.  The school is left now with 6 Instrs.  I had a ride as far as Houle after tea.

5 Tuesday

The officer is erecting a short permanent route for practice work so I had a go at it and worked up on the pole tops.  This is the first time I have done any of that work.

6 Wednesday

The usual work for all but the first class.  They were on a Fuller-phone scheme which did not turn out a success.  Very windy today.

7 Thursday 

Outdoor work impossible on account of rain all day

8 Friday

Test day.  Weather still bad, no early parade on that account.  Had a walk to Houle to see a friend of mine in the W.Ridings.[4]  Walked about 4kms then got a lift.  I got a ride all the way back arriving just as tea was ready.

9 Saturday

Usual weekly bath parade.  A young lad of the 4th W. Ridings came to see me this afternoon and stayed until after tea.  Other two Instrs. are leaving the school early tomorrow, this will leave me with four.

10 Sunday

No church parade.  I have heard this morning that I am to be promoted CSM[5] at the school.  I have been acting since Jan 1st   I heard from the officer that the school is to be fully staffed again by the 20th inst.  I wish it was so that we could get back to our old swing.

11 Monday

A wire came this morning to say that we had to indent for 110 extra rations for 13th inst.  A second wire said 165.  So if that number comes to the school we will be busy. I had a good bath at a private house tonight.

12 Tuesday

I have nothing just the usual.  A demonstration platoon of 120 ofrs. and men arrived today from the Div.  What the demonstrations are I cannot say.  Weather very wet again.

 13 Wednesday

We had a football match today, lads at the school played the staff of the 4th Army Musketry School.  I am sorry to say that Signals got beat 7 to 0.  Nothing else of importance.

14 Thursday

Nothing but the usual school work.  Weather still very wet.

15 Friday

Weather still wet.

16 Saturday

Weather fine but frosty.  Baths for the school today.  Fritzy could be heard tonight bombing St. Omer, Hazebrouck and Calais.

17 Sunday

Could not sleep all night for the cold which was very sharp.  Water in our hut having a thick cover of ice this morning.  Had a walk to Nort Leulinghem.  A glorious moonlight night.  Fritzy was once bombing nearly all night, once he was right over our camp but did not drop any bombs.

18 Monday

Nothing but the usual all day.  I had a walk and a bath at Bayenghem tonight.  Fritzy dropped some bombs close to this district.  The nights are just suitable for these bombing raids.  Our planes will be doing the same I expect.

19 Tuesday

Nothing of importance all day.  I could hear Fritzy around bombing again.  Saw one of our double engine aeroplanes today.  This is the first I have seen although they have been in use some time now.

20 Wednesday

The usual half holiday.  Raining all day long.  Two German prisoners that escaped yesterday were retaken today.  All extra NCOs and men do not arrive until the 24th inst.

21 Thursday

Nothing of interest today

22 Friday

Usual weekly tests

23 Saturday

Baths and pay this morning

24 Sunday

Usual hut inspection this morning.  Padre from Div. arranged to take a church service this morning.  We paraded but he failed to turn up.  Newcomers started reporting after dinner so I had a fairly busy day of it.

25 Monday

Busy this morning rearranging classes and seeing how the new instructors work.  The Coy. OC was up this morning and said that he thought I would not be paid for A/CSM here.  I think there is a GRO to say A/ranks are paid.  Fritzy bombing tonight towards Calais.

26 Tuesday

Had very little sleep last owing to the cold.  Looking at some work at Mouneave[6] with Adjt. This morning.  Took a party up to pull down a shelter and erect it at another place a mile away.  I had a fall on the job cutting my wrist and thigh with corrugated iron.

27 Wednesday & 28 Thursday

No entries


[1] French soldier

[2] 47091 Corpl. B. Rowlandson A/15 RFA BEF

[3] Re-organisation of the British Army, each brigade to have 3 battalions, reduced from 4

[4] Possibly 6583 Pte. G.R. Clark No.1 Platoon, B Coy. 1/5 W. Ridings

[5] Company Serjeant Major

[6] Mouneave=unable to locate on modern map