Home Addresses


 The addresses below are the places where those killed lived at the time of their death (to the best of my knowledge).


Sapper A.K. Atkinson – Ramshaw

L/C J.W. Arkless – Bowes Hill

Sgt. J.W. Spence – Bowes Close Farm

L/Cpl. W. Storey – Gordon Lane

Sgt. G. Parmley – Gordon Lane (when he enlisted he lived at Bill Quay near Felling)

Richardson J. J. – 3 Gordon Gill, Ramshaw


Pte. W. Howlett – Oaks House

Pte. W. Snowball – 4 the Oaks

Pte. J. Walling – the Oaks

Pte. J. Ellerker – the Oaks

Cpl. G.T. Cox – the Oaks

Pte. J. Heseltine – the Oaks

2/Lt. T. W. Applegarth – 2 Delaware Street

Pte. T. Davis – 5 Rochdale Street

Sgt. E. Towers – 19 Rochdale Street

Gunner F. Purvis – 22 Rochdale Street

Pte. J.H. Raine – Osborne Terrace

L/Cpl. J.W. Walton – Swan Street

Pte. M. G. Middlemas – 10 Stones End

Sgt. T.W. Simpson – Stones End

Cpl. H. Dixon – 13 Shirley Terrace

Pnr. S.R. Rutter – Allendale House, 15 Shirley Terrace

AB A. Lynas – 18 Chapel Street

Pte. R. Wilson – Chapel Street

AB W. Carrick – 13 South View

Pte. J. Million – South View

Pte. J. W. Maughan – South View

Pte. J. Hewitt – Victoria Terrace

Pte. G. Dowson – 22 West View

Pte. T.H. Dunn – 4 Randolph Terrace

AB J.W. Wren – Copeland Row

Pte. D.Baister – 13 Copeland Row

Pte. R. Heaviside – Thrushwood

J.C. Lee – his wife lived at 13 Jubilee Terrace

C.H. Lowson – his mother lived at 2 Jubilee Terrace

 Evenwood Addresses unknown

Pte J. Skelhorn –

 Evenwood Gate

Pte. J. Maughan – 9 Clyde Terrace, Evenwood Gate

Pte. R. Wardle – 8 Evenwood Gate

Gunner W. Gray – 20 Evenwood Gate

Pte J. Hutchinson – Evenwood Gate

 The Barony

Earl W.E. – his parents lived at Buckhead Farm

 Lands area

Conlon R.W. – 44 Lands Bank, he lodged with the Morley family

Graves J. C. – Low Butterknowle Farm, Low Lands

Morley W. – 44 Lands Bank

Simpson M. – 53 Lands Bank

Wardle H. – 61 Lands Bank

Raine M. T. – 5 Brasses Houses, High Lands

 Morley area

Moses W.

Rushford O.

Bryant G.

Richards J

Featherstone – Cox House Farm, Wind Mill

 Not traced

Cooke E.E.J.: I think he was an employee of the shop proprietor Walter Willson. He was born at Malton/Norton, North Yorkshire.  The Walter Willson shop was at Shirley Terrace and he could have lived in a flat above.


Brown – Staindrop

Burrell – Cockfield

J.T. Cant – 21 Front Street, Kirk Merrington

Cree – Esperley Lane, Cockfield

Dinsdale – 10 Boddy Street, Tindale Crescent, Bishop Auckland

Heaviside – 2 Mill Bank, West Auckland

Hirst – 3 Church Street, Quebec

Marshall – 45 Castle Street, Fatfield

T.R. Metcalfe – 4 Jackson’s Row, Witton Park

J.T. Milburn – 6 Robson Street, Shildon

Million – 1 Thorne Terrace, Walker Estate, Newcastle upon Tyne

J.J. Oates – 48 Castleford Road, Normanton, West Yorkshire

J.H. Pinkney – 8 Chapel Row, Stanley, Crook

Priestley – Fell Houses, Cockfield

Robinson – Club House, Main Street, Shildon

Smith – Forest Hall

A. Wardle – Aycliffe