James H. Nutter 1888-1956


 64337 Serjeant J.H. Nutter MM Royal Army Medical Corps survived the war and continued his profession as a school teacher at Evenwood and Cockfield Schools before retiring in 1949.

 Family Details 

James Halstead Nutter was born 23 September 1888 at Burnley, Lancashire, the son of James and Mary Alice Nutter.  There were 6 children:

  • Edmund bc.1887 at Burnley, Lancs.
  • James Halstead born 1888 at Burnley, Lancs
  • Harry bc.1891at Burnley, Lancs.
  • Geoffrey bc.1893 at Burnley, Lancs
  • Eric bc.1895 at Briercliffe, Lancs.
  • Alice bc.1900 at Nelson, Lancs.

In 1901, 37 year old James farmed land at Scarrs Farm in the civil parish of Nelson. Lancashire.  His son James attended Briercliffe Council School for 7 years then Burnley Grammar School and 2 years at Chester Training College for Teachers.  After graduating, he was employed at St. Pauls School, Burnley.  By 1911, James now 22 year old and single was employed as a schoolmaster at Rosegrove (Elementary) Council School in the Burnley/Nelson district.  By 1915, James Nutter was a teacher at Evenwood National School.

24 June 1916:  he married Georgina Gipps at St. Paul’s Church, Evenwood.

He appears to have been the good friend of Rev. G. Collis, vicar of Evenwood.  He was the Scout Master and a regular contributor to the Parish Magazine during his war years.

Military Service 1915-1919

  • September 1915: enlisted into RAMC given service number 64337 and promoted to Sergeant, Easter 1916.
  • August 1916:  Sergt. J.H. Nutter visited Evenwood before going to France.
  • 23/24 October 1917: as a result of his actions he was recommended for the Military Medal.
  • January 1917 – awarded Military Medal

The Burnley News. Saturday, January 27, 1917

  • “MEDAL NOBLY EARNED.  BRIERCLIFFE SERGEANT CARRIES WOUNDED SOLDIER TWO MILES.  He and his stretcher-bearers had worked hard, with very little food for two days, fetching in wounded till quite dark, then there was one wounded soldier left for whom there were no bearers. Sergt. Nutter carried the man on his back through the sticky mud, about eight inches deep, for two miles. He spent two months in those trenches without a break. A spell of influenza forced Sergt. Nutter to the hospital, but he is now all right, and is attached to the School of Sanitation as an instructor.” 
  • December 1916:  letter from the front
  • March 1917:  letter from France
  • April 1917:  letter from France tells of 2 brothers killed by the same shell

The Burnley News. Wednesday, February 21, 1917

  • “BRIERCLIFFE: SYMPATHY WITH MR. AND MRS. NUTTER.  The Burnley Elementary Education sub Committee have directed that a communication expressing their condolence and sympathy be forwarded to Mr. and Mrs. Nutter, of Scars Farm, Briercliffe, in the bereavement they have sustained in the loss of their two sons, Harry and Geoffrey, both killed in action; Pte. Henry Nutter is in the R.H.A. attached to the Anti-Aircraft guns & Pte. Geoffrey Nutter, also Anti-Aircraft Section. Also that the committee’s congratulations be tendered to Mr. and Mrs. Nutter in respect of the award of the Military Medal to their son James for gallantry.”
  • 4 September 1918: Bravery Citation from J.A. Johnson MC USA Commanding Officer, Ambulance Company 119, 105th Sanitary Train, American Expeditionary Forces:
  • 4 RAMC men assigned to AEF as instructors to their enlisted men. Sgts Nutter & Unwin supervised the evacuation of wounded and gas patients from the forward area to the Advanced Dressing Station, each of them being placed in command of a group of reserve stretcher bearers and assigned to one of the Regimental Aid Posts during the emergency.  Their calm and efficient work did much to prevent unnecessary excitement and gave self-confidence to the AEF men.
  •  14 February 1919 Evenwood & Ramshaw Hero Fund Committee presented the following with Gold Wrist Watch (April 1919 EPM – Demobilized)
  • Sergeant J.H. Nutter received Victory and British Medals.


  • Evenwood C. of E. School – Eventually, it is understood that he was appointed headmaster
  •  1925: Teacher Cockfield C.E. School.
  • 1929-1949: He became head teacher at Cockfield C. of E. School then retired.
  • 1956: 19 January: DIED


Sergt. J.H. Nutter

Sergt. J.H. Nutter

Sergt. J.H. Nutter Medal Index Card

Sergt. J.H. Nutter Medal Index Card

Evenwood School 1925 J.H. Nutter back row, 2nd left

Evenwood School 1925
J.H. Nutter back row, 2nd left

Cockfield C of E School 1940  J.H. Nutter Headmaster

C of E School 1940
J.H. Nutter Headmaster