January 1918


1 Tuesday

Started the New Year with the usual Signal instruction.  Today was not recognised at all in the Sig School.  I am now acting Sgt. Maj. at the School in place of Jock who has gone to England.

2 Wednesday

The holidays are over now and we settled to our usual daily routine.  New Year’s Day was not recognised as a holiday here.  Very cold and freezing all day.

3 Thursday

Nothing of importance today.

4 Friday

The usual work all day.  Still very cold and wintry like.

5 Saturday

Quite mild this morning and thawing very fast.  Half day off today.  There is nothing much to write about, one day is just the same routine as any other and no variation whatsoever.

6 Sunday

We had no parade of any sort today.  For dinner we had two chickens that we bought.  They went down A1.  The weather still keeps bad.  It is very bad walking.  Rain tonight.

7 Monday

The whole camp had a roll call parade today as there is a number of deserters knocking about.  None of them were found here.

8 Tuesday

The usual work all day.  Snowing very heavy until midday.  There is a rumour to the effect that we move on Friday to the Bailleul district.

9 Wednesday

Bitter cold this morning.  More snow and thawing during the afternoon.  I was compelled to lie in again this afternoon with cold.  Busy making preparations to move.

10 Thursday

Rain all day long.  Nothing except the usual work.

11 Friday

Just the usual again today.  Weather still bad.

12 Saturday

No work today as all men were for baths at Eperlecques.  Freezing tonight.

13 Sunday

Sharp frost this morning and very fine.  The school moved out of one lot of huts into others.  No church parade.  Rumour says that we move on Tuesday.  I expect it will be down near the Division.

14 Monday

A thick cover of snow when we turned out this morning.  Freezing at night.  I have nothing just the usual work and one or two lectures.  Had supper out with some French friends.

15 Tuesday

Work out of doors impossible as it rained so heavy.  The weather all day was fearful and seemed to get worse if that was possible, towards the night.  At teatime there was a few lightning flashes with thunder.  Spent the night in camp writing letters.

16 Wednesday

Weather still very bad and work to be still carried on in doors.  Half holiday but could not get out.  Stayed in again letter writing.

17 Thursday

Today was just similar to yesterday.

18 Friday

Guard did not awaken us this morning, result – no parade.  I was up myself at 6.40.  Tests today.  The weather was quite mild.  Our aviator, a friend of our officers was over this morning giving exhibitions.  This is four times he has been over.  He had a biplane this morning, all other times he had a CE monoplane.

19 Saturday

Saturday was usual bath parade.

20 Sunday

Weather A1 today and quite mild.  Two German prisoners escaped at dark from a working party on the Watten road.  Parties with rifles were out scouring the country until a late hour.  Our bread ration now started today, Sunday, is the so-called war bread.  It is not bad at all but quite palatable.

21 Monday

58th Depot Batt moved out today so we have the camp to ourselves at present.  Weather still fine+mild.  Usual work.  Have not heard whether those two prisoners are recaptured.

22 Tuesday

Weather very mild and warm with a little rain.  I had a trip down to Eperlecques Chateau for cable etc, left there, I got a look through the hospital.  It is A1.  It has been fitted up since we left.  The two prisoners are retaken.

23 Wednesday

Nothing of importance today except pay.

24 Thursday

No entry

25 Friday

Tests today.  Two classes out this morning burying cable.  The other seven out this afternoon on the job.  One plane out of a squadron of 10 of ours had to come down near Bayenghem.  Engine trouble.  We can hear Fritzy bombing towards Calais.

26 Saturday

Nothing much doing all day.  I helped to fox some arms on poles for an air line and that is all I have done today.  Weather still keeps glorious.  Church parade tomorrow.  Could here Fritzy over bombing again.  These last two nights I had to provide a guard for the aeroplane that came down.

27 Sunday

Church parade today.  During the service that aeroplane left so that does away with our guard.  It had come down about a mile away from here.  I was never out of camp all day.  Fritzy busy with his bombs tonight again.

28 Monday

Weather still keeps good.  Just the usual work all day.  I had walk out as far as Inglingham[1] after tea.  Can hear Fritzy again in direction of Calais.

29 Tuesday

Just the usual.  All 9th DLI men to rejoin their units tomorrow.

30 Wednesday

Half holiday, so arranged a football match among the men in the school.

31 Thursday

We had lecture this afternoon by Capt. Davies Cmdt. of 56th POW Camp about how prisoners should be treated.  It was just a farce, I think.


[1] Inglingham=not located on modern map