July 1918

JULY 1918

1 Monday

Moved off at 1pm via Lachy, Broyes and Allement a distance of about 15kms arriving at 6.30pm.  Camping outside the POW Cage near Linthes.

2 Tuesday

Moved off at 9pm arriving at entraining station Fere-en-Champeurise about 11.30pm.  Entrained and got away about 4am

3 Wednesday

Laid down on an open truck under one of the wagons at 4am and slept until 9am.  We passed around Paris.  I enjoyed watching the country we passed through.  Saw Notre Dame Cathedral and Eiffel Tower as we passed Paris.

4 Thursday

Arrived Pont Remy (Abberville) about 3.15am.  Detrained and away by 4.45am stopping just out of Liercourt for breakfast then on to Huppy arriving about 9am and picketed in the Chateau grounds.

5 Friday

I thought I would have got back on to my section this morning but instead had to carry on with visual classes composed of Telegraph Operators and Power Buzzer men.

6 Saturday

Still on with visual today.  Orderly Sergt. and got into trouble for not parading defaultees in machine order a thing I have not seen done in the company yet.

7 Sunday

Church parade which is always a dull affair as the padre does not seem to be able to give a very decent sermon.  On the horse lines remainder of day as my Corpl. is promoted to Sergt. and sent to our arty sub section.  Weather still keeps very hot and dry.  Sgt. Maj. told me today that we are going shortly to Gillefontaine about 50kms south west from here.

8 Monday

Got rid of this half hearted Sig work and am back to my own section once more.  The weather still keeps hot and sultry, about 9pm it came on a heavy thunder storm.

9 Tuesday

The usual stable duties all day.  Showery all day.

10 Wednesday

Had a ride into Abbeville after tea with the box car.  We went down in 10 mins had a ride around the town and back to camp by 9.30pm.  It rained practically the whole night.

11 Thursday

Just the usual stables exercise ride and grazing.  We had 55 reinforcements come this afternoon.  Moving tomorrow about 10am to a place near Dieppe.

12 Friday

Left Huppy at 10am  and travelled along the main Abbeville road off at Le Translay arriving Camaches at about 4pm. A decent sized village as I had a look around after we finished stables.  It was raining at reveille and continued up to mid day.

13 Saturday

Moved to starting point at 8.30 then finally moved off from Camaches at 9.  Travelled via Guerville, Melville, Villy le Bas, Sept Ueule, Avesnes and Bailly arriving about 5pm at Auquemesnil.

14 Sunday

Moved out at 9am prompt via Gouchampie, intraville and Bellingville arriving at 3pm at Martin Eclise.  It rained from staring up to about mid day and continued showery during the rest of the day.  It seems there has been a military review at Dieppe today.  France’s National Fete day and our Div was represented by battalions that have just come into the Div.

15 Monday

It rained very heavy all night and our tent gave very little protection as it rained in at various places.  I took exercise ride this morning out through Coquereaumont and Gieges.

16 Tuesday    

Usual stables and exercise.  Got a view of the sea this morning on exercise out by Bracquemont and the horse fligs [?] this morning  almost sent the horse frantic.  I never saw so many.

17 Wednesday

Orderly Sergt. today Pay/parade at Div. Sig. Coy. HQ through the villages About3kms from transport lines.

18 Thursday

Took exercise ride out to try to get through the Foret deArques but all was overgrown as to be impossible for the horses.

19 Friday

No entry

20 Saturday

Orderly Sergt. today.  Just the usual routine.

21 Sunday

Had a day in Dieppe arriving about 11am and leaving at 8.30pm.  I did not think much of the place.  There was plenty astir up til 2pm but after that it was very quiet until night 6pm.  It was treat on the seafront.  Walking back at night those 7kms seemed like a dozen and with it being so hot I sweated the whole journey.

22 Monday

The usual work all day.  I was Orderly Sergt. again today.  Had a walk as far as the stores tonight.  Every day here is similar to the ones preceding it.

23 Tuesday

Feeling out of sorts with cold today so I laid won after watering at dinner time until tea time.  The weather is bad again rain right up to 2pm.  Felt right off colour tonight.

24 Wednesday

Got up this morning feeling quite fit.  Went out with exercise ride.  Just the usual all day.

25 Thursday

Heard today that the Sig. School is starting again.  Assembling on Sunday I was also told that I am goin.  I would just as soon stay here as go on that stunt again.

26 Friday

No entry

27 Saturday

Took exercise ride and covered about 10 miles in all.  I went via Ancourt, Conquermont, Belleville, Bracquemont.  Close to sea then back the road I went up.  5pm feeling full of cold and pains right round my body.  I hope it is not the flu I am taking.

28 Sunday

Felt a little better this morning but I reported sick.  The doctor keeping me in.  My temperature is 100⁰.  About 7pm my temp. was 104.4⁰.  From that moment I had no peace from either doctors or orderlies until 9pm when I was chased off to No.5 Stationary, Dieppe as a suspected pneumonia case.  After reaching there another series of readings of temp taken and questions being asked, my name and number by three different persons before I was left for the night.

29 Monday

Feeling absolutely rotten, getting nothing to eat but am comfortable and well looked after.  The routine in hospital seems to be reveille 5am lights out 9pm.  Tried but could not manage a few lines home, so sent a F.P.C.

30 Tuesday

Feel a little easier this morning.  Got my number chewed off by the sister for getting out of bed and going to latrines.  My complaint is influenza with a suspicion of pneumonia.  Got a short letter wrote home today

31 Wednesday

Credit £12-17-1.  Much better today but feel too weak for anything except reading the whole time.