June 1917

JUNE 1917

1 Friday

CRE inspected the company dismounted and found various complaints mostly of a trivial nature.  It is the first time I have seen an officer of the CREs, position inspect a unit in detail.  He inspected everything down to bootlaces.

2 Saturday

Transport inspection by CRE.  He found various complaints and finished off by telling me off.  The whole of the senior NCOs cycled into Pas and had a jolly night finishing up on the horse lines about 11.30pm just as the orderly officer came on the scene.  He put Sgt. Hodgson under close arrest and instructed picket to arrest the QMS as soon as he could be found.  He turned up at 4.30am.  The Farrier Sergt. was put under open arrest for being out of billets so late.

3 Sunday

Had a cycle ride into Pas and had a trip through the village.

4 Monday

Acted as escort to orderly room to the QMS, Fr. Sgt. and Sgt. Hodgson.  The taking of evidence etc., lasted from 10am until 11.30.  QMS + Sgt. Hodgson just off for court martial.  Farrier Sgt.  Dismissed.  They are both charged with being drunk, disobeying an order and being out of billets after lights out.

5 Tuesday

Orderly room again CQMS and Sgt/ Hodgson now awaiting court martial.

6 Wednesday & 7 Thursday

No entry

8 Friday

Court martial held at 10am.  President Maj. Walton 6th DLI.  It lasted until 12.30pm.

9 Saturday & 10 Sunday

No entry

11 Monday

3pm All senior NCOs paraded in CQMStores to hear result of court martial.  I was again on escort.  The CQMS was reduced to the ranks and Sergt. Hodgson to Corpl.

12 Tuesday, 13 Wednesday & 14 Thursday

No entry

15 Friday

Had a ride as far as Souastre, Hénu and back to camp to try a new horse with an eye to changing with my old one.  Cpl McArdle moved up to Boisleux St. Marc in advance.  We expect moving tomorrow.  Busy packing etc.

16 Saturday

Hooked in and moved off at 2 pm.  We went via Soutre, Bienvillers, Monchy-au-Bois, Adinfer and Boiry to Boisleux arriving about 6.15pm a distance of about 21 kilometres.  It was a very hot one man on the brakes was overcome with heat.  We relieved the 18th Div. but they do not move until Monday.

17 Sunday

Nothing special except tidying up and making ourselves comfortable.

18 Monday

18th Div. moved at 5am and we took over their standings.  We had to move our bicouacs as well.  We are right on the left bank of the Cojeul just below Boisleux.

19 Tuesday, 20 Wednesday & 21 Thursday

No entries

22 Friday

Sap. Bulman left us just after dinner.  He is transferred to the 3rd Army.  He has been longest in the coy. and held all ranks from sap to CQMS[1] and CSM[2].  He did seem to take it so badly when reduced but he looked to me, to be upset about having to leave his old coy.  I wonder if the officers ever thought of the punishment given to him because it is far too severe and does not fit his crime in the least.

23 Saturday

No entry

24 Sunday

Div. Signal School commencing tomorrow.  The number of men on the course is about 70 and they are drawn from the RFA, MGC and Inf.

25 Sunday

Sig School commence this morning.  There is fine classes I have first class.  Corpl. Hodgson leaves us tomorrow for the 34th Div.

26 Tuesday

Still bust at Sig school.  There is 70 men for instruction and five instructors for visual work, two for lines and instruments.  There is also three officers, two from our Sig Coy – Capt Renton i/c[3] and Lt Craddock as Adjt.  Lt. Cowling from 8th DLI is an instructor.  Dr. Hodgson, one of my drivers was shot through the fleshy part of the forearm, while grooming on the horse lines.  The shot must have been a stray fired by some fool at practice.

27 Wednesday & 28 Thursday

No entry

29 Friday

Still on at Visual School.  Other 300 men expected on the 4th July for instruction, 12 NCO and 3 Ofr. instructors coming.  There will then be 20 from each Battn, 80 per Inf Bde 60 from the Arty.

30 Saturday

No entry


[1] Company Quartermaster Sergeant

[2] Company Sergeant Major

[3] In charge