June 1918

JUNE 1918

1 Saturday

32 men in the Sig Coy missing.  A quiet day today, trying to sort stores out a bit.

2 Sunday

Every article of Sigg. Equipment in the whole Div. was collected this afternoon and I had it to check in then re-issue it to a composite Bde. Sections.  Got the sections all fixed up.  The remainder I left to go through tomorrow.  There is a lot of rumours as to what will be done with the Div. now it is so reduced in numbers.

3 Monday

Checked and loaded up the remainder of Sigg stores today.  Was not on the horse lines at all.  Weather still keeping hot and dry.

4 Thursday

Just the usual work on the horse lines today and making out indents to replace stores etc. lost in this last affair.  Could hear heavy arty fire this morning about 1.30am.  Moved the transport into a field about a mile away.

5 Wednesday

This morning I spent on visual instruction with Bde. sections, horse lines in the afternoon.

6 Thursday

Rather a varied day of it.  Horse lines before breakfast, visual during the morning and checking stores in the afternoon.

7 Friday

On visual instruction all day.  Had a bath and change then washed my dirty clothes after tea.  Weather still keeps very hot and dry.

8 Saturday

The usual visual instruction.  Our transport moved again to another and larger field.

9 Sunday

Credit £9.5.1.  Hooked in and moved off at 8.30am via Jonchy[1], Willevenard and arriving at Montedent where we billeted at 12.30pm.  After breaking off at 1.30 we had the afternoon off until 5pm.  Reveille this morning was at 4.30am.  The weather is very hot and almost unbearable on the trek.

10 Monday

Rain during the night made everything pleasant and cool.  I am on again instructing visual to section No.2 & 5, the R.A. HQ and some of our operators.  I wish I had definite jobs as this is painful just one thing then another.

11 Tuesday

Still no signs of moving again, although we are only here temporarily.  On the visual stunt again today and I expect it will be the same tomorrow unless we move.

12 Wednesday

Visual work again today.  My face and hands are all covered with mosquito bites.  The country here is swarming with them.

13 Thursday

I had all visual signallers working wagons today.  Strong rumours of moving tomorrow to Le Havre.

14 Friday

Back to visual work again all day.  Dull with slight rain up to mid day.  In the afternoon it was quite hot.  It is rumoured that our Div. is going to form one Bde. in a Composite Div.  Move today is cancelled.  Yesterdays’ rumour was genuine.

15 Saturday

One of my section horses died during the night.  Could hear heavy gun fire during the night.

16 Sunday 

The horse that died yesterday was skinned and examined.  It had a burst blood vessel.  Church parade today.  I am Orderly Sergt.  Moving tomorrow.

17 Monday

Moved off at 1.30pm via Lachy arriving at La Moen at 4.30pm about 12kms.  It came on a slight shower during the trek and by the look of things it looked like downpour.

18 Tuesday

Usual work on visual.  We are going into the line for a stunt on the 29th inst.  There is talk of starting the school again with a total strength of about 200.  Rain all day.

19 Wednesday

Rain all day

20 Thursday

Still raining but cleared up about tea then I had a ride out with the CSM and got back about 9pm.  It was glorious with the exception of a little rain as we were landing back.

21 Friday

Weather clear so we got some outdoor visual practise.  Sgt. Mithison and Pattison have got the MM.  Spent the night in the mess.  Orderly Sergt. today.

22 Saturday

I was on the usual visual instruction and issuing clothing etc today.  After tea had a ride out with the SM again as far as Estuary.

23 Sunday

Church parade then nothing else but lying about for the remainder of the day.  Had another ride out after tea and got back about 9.30pm.  it is absolutely IT having a ride in the cool of the evening.

24 Monday

I am on visual instruction on my own now the other NCOs that were here from the Bde. sections have gone to their units.  Issuing more stuff today.  Orderly Sergt. again.

25 Tuesday [2]

Still on visual work.  Weather still keeping very hot.  Six of our drivers isolated with some sort of sickness like influenza.

26 Wednesday

Reveille 5.30am.  Orders to move at 10am to Ignyle Iard.  At 9am there was doubt as to whether we moved or not.  All ready by then.  At 10.15 move cancelled until tomorrow.  6pm move cancelled altogether.  I have to stay behind on visual instruction in case of a move.  Would sooner go up with the company.

27 Thursday

Visual work again.  All Div. details on inspection by General Jackson at Chateau.  They are talking of forming a sort of school for Sigg. Scouts, Bombers + Lewis Gunners.  The move up to the line cancelled.  Cable wagons we sent in advance are now on the road back.

28 Friday

Instead of starting the school at the Div. each Bde. are training their own.  Had a good bath this afternoon then washed my shirts in the French wash house on the stream side.

29 Saturday

Entraining strength going today.  We are moving shortly to a place near Abbeville.  I wish it was over as this entraining business is rotten.

30 Sunday

I had nothing to do all day except church parade at 9.45am.  Moving tomorrow at 1pm to a POW Camp near Linthes.


[1] Probably Jonchery

[2] Possibly the first sign of Spanish Flu