Lockey E.


He could be Edward Lockey bc. 1894 at West Auckland, the son of Thomas and Emily Lockey.  There 6 were children:

  • Edward bc.1894 at West Auckland
  • Thomas bc.1895 at West Auckland
  • Fred bc.1897 at Darlington
  • Maggie bc.1899 at Darlington
  • Sidney bc.1900 at Darlington
  • James bc.1902 at West Auckland

In 1901 the family lived at 6 Foundry Street, Darlington where Thomas senior worked as a crane driver.  By 1911, the family lived at Toadpool, West Auckland where Thomas now worked at the colliery as “a shiftman.”

To date, military details for Edward Lockey have not yet been traced.

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