May 1916

May 1916

1 Monday

Weather still keeps very fine and hot.  Commenced signalling classes this morning after a weeks complete rest.

2 Tuesday

Nothing except the usual Sig practices

3 Wednesday

Sig Class all morning.  After dinner went to 8th Batt to see them at practice from there went to Div. HQ at Fletre.

4 Thursday

Usual Sig Classes.  Visited 6th Batt and gave them one hours instruction.  Heavy firing could be heard toward La Bassee about 6pm until nearly mid-night.  Weather still continues very hot.

5 Friday

Heavy firing could be heard all the morning towards Ypres.  About 4pm heavy firing commenced towards La Bassee and continued until late last night.

6 Saturday

Nothing special.  Quiet all day.

7 Sunday

Heavy firing commenced about noon and seems to be in direction of La Bassee.

8 Monday

The usual sig practice

9 Tuesday


10 Wednesday


11 Thursday


12 Friday

Experimented with Fullerphone, a non-inducing instrument with satisfactory results.  Sgt. Hall went on leave

13 Saturday

Tried Fullerphones on a three mile line.  The line was poor do result was not so good.  It was very faint finally going off altogether, except speaking and it was very clear.  Wet weather cause of it going off.

14 Sunday

Raining heavy all day.  10pm news came by phone that Brigadier Gen. Shea was promoted to take command of 30th Div.[1] He left at 10.30am.  Bde. Gen. Westmoreland arrived from 2nd Warwicks to command the Bde.

15 Monday

Nothing much doing all day.  Heavy firing could be heard towards Ypres late at night.

16 Tuesday

Bde. paraded at 9.30am and were thanked and congratulated by the Gen. in his farewell speech to the Bde.  He left at 10.30am.  Bde. Gen. Westmoreland arrived from 2nd Warwicks to command the Bde.

17 Wednesday

Bde sports were held today.  Everything went off fine.  The weather was excellent.

18 Thursday

Saw German plane dropping bombs near Berthen this morning.  Brother Joe went to hospital.

19 Friday & 20 Saturday

No entries

21 Sunday

Very heavy arty fire could be heard away to the southwards

22 Monday

Feeling a bit seedy and off colour all day.  Had nothing much to eat except at breakfast.  Went to bed at 6pm.

23 Tuesday

Spent the day in bed.  No better at night.

24 Wednesday

Reported sick at Mont des Cats hospital this morning and was detained

25 Thursday & 26 Friday

No entries

27 Saturday

Doctor marked me for down the line but I got him to cancel it as I do not wish to go down there again.  Our HQ moved up into action again today.

28 Sunday, 29 Monday & 30 Tuesday

No entries

31 Wednesday

Left Mont des Cats at 2pm for No.15 C.C.S [2] Hazebrouck.  We motored to Godewaersvelde then train arriving No.15 C.C.S. about 3.15pm.


[1] Brig.-Genera J.S.M. Shea appointed to command the 30th Division left 17 May 1916 and was replaced by Brig.-General P.F. Westmoreland and assumed command of 151st Brigade Wyrall p.124 See also p.123

[2] Casualty Clearing Station