SELBY George Edward 1883 – 1919


31451 Private George Edward Selby, Army Veterinary Corps died 3 November 1919, aged 36.  It is believed that he is buried in Bishop Auckland (Escomb) Cemetery.

Family Details

George Edward Selby was born 1883[1] at Crook, believed to be the son of Edward and Annie Selby.  In 1881, Edward and Annie lived at Victoria Terrace, Howden-le-Wear with their 5 months old daughter Mary.[2]  It is believed that they had 3 children, all born at Crook:

  • Mary bc.1880
  • George born 1883
  • William bc.1886

Edward was a “coke burner” and died in 1889, aged 33.[3]  No trace of the family can be found in 1891.  By 1901, widowed Annie lived at Rumby Hill, Crook with 2 of her children, George and William.  George aged 17 and William aged 15, were both coal miners, “putter” and “driver” respectively.  By then, Mary was married to James Longstaff and lived at Commercial Street, Crook.[4]  In 1911, Annie Selby lived with her daughter, 30 years old, widowed Mary Longstaff and her 2 daughters 5 years old Rachel and 3 years old Margaret.  George now 28 years old, lived with them at Rumby Hill, Crook and was employed as a coal miner (hewer).[5]

In 1915, George Edward Selby married Jane A. Hall.[6]  They lived at 21 High Bridge Street, Newton Cap, Bishop Auckland. [7] George E. Selby died in 1919.[8] His address was then 13 Garden St., Witton Park.[9]

Military Details

10 December 1915, aged 32 years 7 months George Edward Selby attested at Bishop Auckland and was immediately posted to the Army Reserve.  17 May 1917, he was given a medical examination at Durham and his physical development was described as, “Only moderate”.[10] He was mobilized 14 September 1917 and the next day, was posted to the Army Veterinary Corps, Home Counties.  He was allocated the service number 31451.[11]

1 January 1918, Private George E. Selby was admitted to the Military Hospital, Bangor, North Wales, examined and found to be unfit for military service due to chronic bronchitis.[12]  He was discharged 15 March 1918.  The Army Forms contained a description of him – he was 35 years old, 5’ 4½” tall, his complexion was pale, eyes blue, hair dark brown.  His trade was, “Carter”.  He then lived at 52 Albion Street, Witton Park. His character was, “Good” and it was stated that:

“Accustomed to the care of horses. Honest & sober.”[13]

 The reason for his discharge was:

“in consequence of him being no longer physically fit for war service (para 342 (xvi) KR)”

His disability was, “Bronchitis (chronic)”.  It was stated that this condition had prevailed for the last 7 years due to his work in the coal mines.  An attack of September 1917, was described by him as the worst he has had.[14] It was recorded that the condition was constitutional and not aggravated by service during the present war.[15] His disability was set at 70%.[16]

Medals and Awards

31451 Private George Edward Selby, Army Veterinary Corps was entitled to the Victory and British War medals.


A pension was received by his widow, Jane Anne Selby and 1 dependent child, Annie Stevenson.[17]


It is believed that George Edward Selby is buried at Bishop Auckland (Escomb) cemetery.


George Edward Selby was born 1883, the son of Edward and Annie Selby.  The lived at Howden-le-Wear, Rumby Hill Crook where Edward worked as a miner.  In 1915, he married Jane Hall and moved Newton Cap, Bishop Auckland then Witton Park, living at Garden Street.  He attested in December 1915, was mobilized in September 1917 and joined the Army Veterinary Corps for service in the Home Counties.  He was admitted to the Military Hospital, Bangor, North Wales and was discharged as being unfit for service due to chronic bronchitis 15 March 1918.  He died 3 November 1919, aged 36. 


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