September 1918


1 Sunday to 8 Sunday

No entries

9 Monday

Left home with my father and my brother’s wife on the 7.45pm train.  They went with me to London to visit my brother who is in the Southwark Hospital wounded.  We reached Kings X about 6am and got down to the hosp. at East Dulwich two hours later.

10 Tuesday

On arriving East Dulwich got a good feed and a brush up then went to the hosp. about 10 staying a couple of hours.  It took us another 2 hours to find lodgings.  In the hosp again 2 to 4 found my brother keeping fairly well considering.  We spent the night looking about London.

11 Wednesday

Up at 5, breakfast and up to Victoria by 7.  Arrived Folkestone put into next billets then to boat.  It left 5pm and it was very rough crossing.  I got soaked with rain and a wave which came over.  Boulogne 8pm to St. Martins camp, something to eat and got turned 11pm.  It rained the whole night.

12 Thursday

Rain again all day but we got to the station at Boulogne without getting wet, a band playing us down.  Train left about 1pm via Etaples, Abbeville, Eu, Aumale, Serques and Neufchatel arriving Arques 8am on the Friday.  19 hrs on the train.

13 Friday

Arrived camp 9am, learnt that CSM was on leave and that I had to take over.  Did not do a stroke all day.

14 Saturday

Entraining tomorrow for Doullens so I have got back right time for moving the company which is not a pleasant job at the best of times.

15 Sunday

Moved off 8.45.  One limber wheel broke by a lorry running into it.  Able to travel.  Start to entrain 10.30 finished 11.30 had some tea made and a feed.  Train moved off 1.50 went via Avancourt, Amiens arriving Doullens 10pm.  Detrained by midnight.  Fortunately it was fine and a good moon.  After a little bother got on to the road arriving at Lucheux by 2.45.  Sleeping with Mrs. Green.[1]  Got turned in by 3am.

16 Monday

Reveille 7am after fours rest.  Moved the picket line and wagons on to better ground.  Had afternoon off and got ourselves fixed up fairly decent with tents etc.  as there is no billets.  Spent the night in camp resting.

17 Tuesday

Very heavy thunder storm during the night, the worst we have experienced out here.  Just the usual stable routine.  I have got a touch of lumbago through sitting in truck doorway on the train.  I think I am going to school when it starts on Friday.

18 Wednesday

Nothing to record today, just the usual daily work.  I am keeping about the same myself.  We are under orders to move off any time within twenty four hours notice.  We are  in GHQ reserve.

19 Thursday

Feel a lot better today.  School commencing tomorrow but have to stay here until SM returns as we are expecting a very quick rush into action.  I think there must be an attack coming off.

20 Friday 

Sergt. Mitchinson left us about 5pm for six months in England.  The usual work all day.

21 Saturday

Went this morning with Lt. Stuart and Far. Srgt.[2] to see another place for the horse lines.  Lt. Stuart had picked two places but neither were big enough and one had an anti-aircraft gun fixed there.

22 Sunday

Had the afternoon off today.  I was never out of the field except for a walk up to the orderly room this morning.

23 Monday

Usual stable routine.  I had a hot bath this afternoon and got my dirty clothing washed after tea.  They have started on our big G.S. wagon to make a moving sig. office of it.

24 Tuesday

Just the usual stables and exercise today and a rumour that we move tomorrow.  Sent a horse to Doullens to meet the CSM coming off leave but he did not land.

25 Wednesday

Officer told me that we were moving and to prepare for it.  No time stated.  Got all ready as far as possible then the order was cancelled.  Raining the whole morning.  Expect to move tomorrow.  Sent a horse for CSM again today.  He arrived 7pm.

26 Thursday

Reveille 4am.  Breakfast 5 am when I had a trout 1lb. weight.  Ready to move after a H— of a tussle at 6.45.  Got away 7.15 went via Pommera, Maricuse, Peuchevilliers and Raincheval & Contay arriving Montigny 5pm.  2 years this month we billeted on the same grounds.

27 Friday

Everything in mess this morning, dumping all surplus stores.  Coy moved off for Meulte at 11.5am.  I am going to school at Allonville.  I had an A1 dinner today, the best I have tasted for some time.  I moved off with GS wagon about 11pm[3] got to Allonville at 3pm.  No billets for us until 151 Bde move out.  We are all sleeping in an old aeroplane hangar

28 Saturday

Got billets 5pm in the meantime 150 men arrived so we were fixed up all at once.  I have a decent kip but next to a stable and the old horse kept me awake until 1am.

29 Sunday

Had to rearrange billets as men are over-crowded.  Had a parade 10.30 to read out orders and classify the men.  Busy the whole afternoon writing out various rolls etc.  News this afternoon to the effect that we had  taken Cambrai and that Bulgaria had signed peace on our terms.  We expect to moving again tomorrow.  We have been here since Friday night and I have had mushrooms for four meals.  Fields are full of them here.

30 Monday

Balance £2-15-1.  Bulgarian Armistice took effect today.  Staying here.  Weather very wet and cold.  Test reading today for classification.  News confirmed today about Bulgaria but not for Cambrai.  I went out after tea 5.20 back again at 6.45 with a sand bag absolutely full with mushrooms.  Their park grounds are thick with them.  Rain in torrents after dark.


[1] I think this is meant to be a euphemism for “outside” say as on the Green

[2] Farrier sergeant

[3] Probably means 11am