Edgar STONES c.1925-1947

14658744 Lance Corporal Edgar Stones, 194 Provost Company, Corps of Royal Military Police died 8 June 1947 aged 22.  He is buried at Hamburg Cemetery, Germany[1] and is commemorated on West Auckland War Memorial.

Family Details

Edgar Stones was born c.1925.[2] His brother is Kenneth Stones.[3]

Service Details

The service details of Lance Corporal Edgar Stones have not been researched.  Apparently, he joined up aged 17, about 1942 serving with the Army Reconnaissance Corps Lance Corporal then was transferred to the Royal Military Police after the war.  Edgar Stones was a member of the occupying forces after the end of the Second World War and died of natural causes, the illness being yellow fever.[4]

By 1943, there were over 32,000 MPs seeing service in all theatres of war and they were present on every battlefield in every country where British troops fought or were stationed.  Traffic control, prisoner of war operations and prevention of pilferage were some of the duties.  There was a Special Investigation Branch [SIB] to serve the BEF investigating serious crime involving service personnel or service interests.  In 1941, the Vulnerable Points Wing [the Blue Hats] was formed to patrol and guard key installations and infrastructure.

In 1946, the “Royal” prefix was granted to the Corps of Royal Military Police in recognition of its outstanding record.[5]

Burial [6]

Lance Corporal Edgar Stones is buried at grave reference 9A.K.4, Hamburg Cemetery, Germany.  There are 1,466 Second World War Commonwealth burials, mostly servicemen who died with the occupying forces or airmen lost in bombing raids over Germany.  There are 378 post Second World War graves.


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