Tom’s Timeline


4 August Britain declares war on Germany
5 August 6/DLI proceeded to Bishop Auckland
9 August To the Boldon area
16 August Gateshead
19 August Ravensworth Park
November Bensham area; winter billets & intensive training
16 April The Northumbrian Division moved to France
17 April 5.30 pm commenced loading wagons.  7.30pm train moved off for Southampton.
18 April 6.30pm moved off from dock
19 April 1pm arrived dockside Le Havre.  8pm marched off to camp
20 April 8.15am train left Havre
21 April 5.00am arrived at Cassel, marched 4 miles to billets
22 April The Second Battle of Ypres [22 April-25 May], the Battle of Gravenstafel; first gas attack by the German Army.
23 April Division concentrating in the Steenvoorde area; billeted at Vlamertinghe, Belgium
24 April Passed through Ypres and into support trenches.  Battle of St. Julien as part of the Second Battle Ypres
25 April Billeted at Potijze, east of Ypres
26 April Sjt. T. Venn KIA, a good friend of TR
2 May Moved back to Brielen, north west of Ypres
3 May Marched to Watou west of Poperinghe
9 May Arrived at Brandhoek, west of Ypres
16 May At Brielen
25 May Official end of the Second Battle of Ypres but the Ypres Salient remained an active battle front.
31 May L28 airship sighted
1 June Moved to Poperinghe
15 June Moved to Kruisstraat nearer Ypres
16 June First Attack at Bellewaarde; 50th Div. not involved but in the area
19 June Moved to Ouderdom, west of Ypres
20 June Arrived at Dranoutre, south of Ypres
24 June Arrived at Kemmel Chateau, nearer Ypres
16/17 July Moved to Chapelle d’Armentieres
30 July-4 August leave
4 August Back to billets, Chapelle d’Armentieres
7 August Trenches at Houplines
25 September Battle of Loos continued until 8 October.  50th Div. not involved
12 November To Bailleul for a months’ rest
19 November Commenced classes
22 November Photo taken
19 December To Outerdom, Ypres Salient
20 December Trenches near Zillebeke Lake, east of Ypres
14&15 February Actions at the Bluff (TR at Reninghelst YMCA when alarm raised),
14 March Sick; 7th Field Ambulance, 10CCS Poperinghe
15 March Australian Hospital, Boulogne
28 March No.5 Convalescent Camp
9 April Marlborough Camp Base Detail
15 April Abbevillle
20 April Re-joined units at La Clytte nr. Ypres
1 May Commenced Signalling Classes, Mont des Cats 
31 May Sick to No.15 CCS Hazebrouck
12 June 8 days leave
23 June Re-joined unit at Bailleul.  No entries until 1 August
1 August At Houplines
8 August To Fletre
11 August Arrived Bernaville
16 August Arrived Montigny (Somme)
18 August Commenced Signalling Classes
10 September With 150 Bde. near High Wood
15-22 September Battle of Flers-Courcelette
25-28 September Battle of Morval
1-18 October Battle of Le Transloy
1 October We now hold the whole of Eaucourt L’Abbaye and part Le Sars
4 October At RE Dump at Fricourt Circus
9 October Returned to Div.HQ Millencourt
30 October Awarded Military Medal
1-6 November Working on visual station at Bazentin-le-Grand to Hook Trench

Action at Butte de Warlencourt

1 December Arrived at Baizieux (west of Albert)
2 December Signalling Classes commenced
28 January Arrived Ribemont
10 February Arrived Proyart
26 February Commenced Visual Classes
30 March Commenced move to Arras Front
13 April Arrived Ronville (Arras)
9-14 April First Battle of the Scarpe (Battle of Arras) 50th Div. took Wancourt Ridge
23-23 April Second Battle of the Scarpe
18 June At Boisleux (south of Arras)
25 June Divisional Signal School commenced
30 July-1 September Home: Leave to Willington


1 September Re-joined unit at Boisleux-au-Mont
5 September Re-commenced Signalling Classes
16 October Move north Bollezeele (between St. Pol & Dunkerque)
18 October Arrived Bollezeele: Signalling Classes
28 November Houlle/Serques  area (Chateau du Givinchy): Div.HQ: Signalling Classes
22 March Left for Calais for leave but boat cancelled due to the start of the  German Spring Offensive, Battle of St. Quentin
24/25 March Action of the Somme Crossings
25 March Travelled via Calais/Boulogne/Etaples/Abbeville/Amiens/Harbonnieres to join Division
26/27 March Battle of Rosieres
26 March-8 April Retreat back to Merville (between Hazebrouck/Bethune) 157 mls.
8 April Private billet at La Caudscure
9-11 April Battle of Estaries (part of the Battle of the Lys)
11 April To Hazebrouck
12-15 April Battle of Hazebrouck (part of the Battle of the Lys)
16 April To Roquetoire
20 April To Aire
26 April To Calonne-Raucourt entrained
28 April Arrived Arcis-le-Ponsart, located between Soissons and Reims. 

Now part of IX Corps(British) French Army

3 May Signal School at Crugny
11 May To Maizry billeted in a barge (Aisne Canal)
14 May To Revillon; Signal School
28-31 May To Rosigny to Vert-la-Gravelle
27 May-6 June Battle of the Aisne (German Offensive in Champagne)
9 June To Monteent
17 June To La Moen
18 June Signal School
26/27 June Move to Igny-le-Jard was cancelled
1 July Moved to Linthes
2 July Entrained Fere-en-Champeurise
4 July Arrived Pont Remy (Abberville) to Liercourt (a chateau near Huppy)
12 July To Le Translay and Gamaches
14 July To Martin Eclise near Dieppe
28 July-10 August Sick, suspected pneumonia.  To No.5 Stationary Hospital, Dieppe
10 August Discharged, reported to unit at Martin Eclise/Arques
26 August-13 September Home: Leave to Willington and arrived back at camp
14 September Entrained for Doullens then onto Lucheux
26 September To Montigny
27 September To Meulte (south of Albert, Somme) & Allonville airfield to recommence Signal Classes
4 November Armistice with Austria
11 November At 11.00am got to know that hostilities had ceased
12 November Everything went on as usual
28 December Travelled to Albert, Bapaume and Cambrai – desolation
29 December Left Cambrai to Solesmes, Le Quesnoy, Villers Pol – desolation. 

School to start at Villers Pol.  Got a civil billet.

31 December Received orders to report to Division to proceed to England for discharge
1 January Left for Cambrai and to the Miners Discharge billet
3 January 3.5pm entrained Cambrai to St. Martin’s Camp, Boulogne
6 January Left Boulogne at 3pm
7 January Left Kings X at 4.55am, arriving Durham noon, home 2.15pm
13 January To report for final discharge