George Walton POW

Corporal Russell Bell, 10/DLI who was held prisoner at Stalag XXA Thorn.  Another to be held captive there was 4456684 Private George Walton.   Over the course of the war, he was also held at Stalag VIII.B Lamsdorf, Oflag III.C Lubben and Stalag 383 Hohenfels.  Thorn and Lamsdorf are now in Poland, Lubben and Hohenfels are in Germany.  George lived at the Oaks, Evenwood and must have met Russell Bell in the POW Camp at Thorn because the address of Russell’s sister, Doreen, is recorded on a page in his diary, along with many other addresses.

In George’s diary, there is also a list of 12 soldiers, all DLI men and top of the list is Private Brown A.R.- Ray Brown from Copeland Row who was killed in action.  In fact, all of these men were killed in action between 15 May and 23 June 1940.  Over time, the POWs must have learnt of the fate of their comrades.

I think, George Walton must have held some position in Camp administration for him to hold this type of information.

George’s brother 4456762 Private John Walton, mentioned in Russell Bell’s postcard home, was also captured and held as a POW.  He was held at Stalag IV.C, Bystrice in Czechoslovakia.

After the war, George Walton [1915-1995] left Evenwood for Nottinghamshire to work in the pits.  John [1913-1973] stayed in south west Durham, living in Butterknowle and worked as a gamekeeper.

Many thanks to John & Maria Walton and Susan Hutchinson.

Russell Bell’s postcard


Private George Walton – list of POW Camps

Doreen Bell’s address

George WALTON POW Back left

Private John WALTON POW Back far right

John Walton the gamekeeper