West Auckland War Memorial

West Auckland War Memorial

Located on the West Green in front of the pant, the water fountain built to commemorate Queen Victoria’s 60th Jubilee, the memorial was organised by the Parish Council and unveiled————- It commemorates 71 servicemen who fell in WW1 including those on the Roll of Honour in West Auckland Memorial Hall, those buried in West Auckland cemetery, some men commemorated on the St. Helen’s Colliery Memorial Cottages panels and several additions

  • William Armstrong
  • Robert Bagley
  • William H. Bagley
  • John Barclay
  • John Bestford
  • Wilkinson Bestford
  • John R. Bird
  • Blenkin
  • George Bolton
  • John Bolton
  • John Bowron
  • William Brown
  • James Campbell
  • Joseph F. Castling
  • Joseph Clark
  • Norman A. Clay
  • George W. Davison
  • Harry Dobbin
  • Thomas W. Dunn
  • William Eales
  • John Field
  • William Gardner
  • Thomas H. Gibson
  • W Goldsbrough
  • Robert Hathaway
  • William Heavisides
  • John Hepple
  • John Hodgson
  • Joseph S. Howson
  • William Hutchfield
  • James W. Hutchinson
  • Edward H. Jackson
  • John Jackson
  • John Jackson
  • Thomas J.T. Jobling
  • Robert Lane
  • Edward Laskey
  • Edward Lockey
  • Charles Lowson
  • Edward Mason
  • Edward Maughan
  • Thomas P. Maughan
  • Robert McNeally
  • George Meads
  • Jonas Million
  • George W. Nelson
  • Joseph Oates
  • Robert Oates
  • John W. Patton
  • William J. Polkinghorn
  • George Rewcstle
  • Sidney Riley
  • Percy Sanderson
  • William Scott
  • Robert B. Shaw
  • William Siddle
  • Christopher Simpson
  • Thomas Smith
  • George Spavin
  • William Tallon
  • John Teasdale
  • William Teasdale
  • Robert Henry Thomas
  • Robert H. Thompson
  • Thomas H. Vickers
  • Thomas Watson
  • James W. Wilkinson
  • Frederick I Wilson
  • Robert Wilson
  • William Wilson
  • William Wilson


West Auckland War Memorial

West Auckland
War Memorial

West Auckland War Memorial names

West Auckland War Memorial names


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